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Cheong Ahn Enzyme

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[Beautee Collagen Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Cheong Ann Enzyme

1. Ingredients for Enzymes:
Brown rice fermentation enzyme powder + Fermented plant extract using over 100 kinds of plants + Enzyme complex powder

2. Enhancement of stomach functions:
Bromelain, Papain, Plantain peel powder, Chicory dietary fiber, Lactobacillus plantarum, Tangerine peel extract powder, Green plum extract powder, White peony extract powder

3. List of herbal ingredients:
Kelp extract powder, Dandelion extract powder, Angelica gigas extract powder, Mixed organic berry powder, Prune extract

Gastrointestinal disorder: Continuous digestive problems → gastrointestinal disorder.

Gastrointestinal disorder is accompanied by abdominal or chest pain or continuous unpleasant feeling and often includes the diseases of esophagus, stomach, duodenum, bile duct, lower gastrointestinal tract, rectum and anus.

Digestive disorder is a disease caused by abnormal secretion of enzymes or acids from the stomach or the intestines and lower peristaltic movement caused by external irritation.

Reasons of digestive disorder

There are the reasons for digestive disorder such as bad eating habits lack of exercise or excessive dieting. Moreover, lack of enzymes in old age leads to heavy stomach feeling or inconvenient digestive problems.

Symptoms of digestive disorder

Diseases caused by the intestinal fat-induced toxins

Needs of digestive enzymes

Why Digestive Enzyme Supplementation is Necessary
Though raw vegetables and fruits are the rich source of enzymes, these are sensitive and easily destroyed by heat or acids. Food doesn't guarantee enough enzymes to meet your need. If your body lacks digestive enzymes, this leads to the weakness of the body's overall functions and the breakdown of health balance.

Intake of digestive enzyme supplements.
Digestive enzyme supplements are designed to activate your digestive process and enhance the production of pancreatic digestive enzymes. It also enhances the digestion and absorption of nutrients and provides a variety of positive health effects to your body organs and systems.

What is an enzyme?

Enzymes are proteins that quicken the speed of various chemical reactions in the body.
That is, enzymes are catalysts made of proteins!!

Food taken by you includes a variety of substances such as organic or inorganic acids with medicinal actions and properties as well as glucides, proteins, fat, vitamins, minerals and moisture.

Organism takes up these nutrients that are chemically transformed or synthesized for energy production and discharges the unnecessary waste matters from the body, which process is called metabolism.

There are a variety of biochemical actions necessary for maintenance and growth of life in the human body. Enzymes are playing a role as catalyst to promote these kinds of actions.

Enzyme Formulation

This contains brown rice fermented enzyme powder suitable for digestion, fermented plant extract using 105 kinds of plants and enzyme complex powder that supports many digestive functions.

What is the fermented plant extract made of 105 kinds of plants?
Plants contain a lot of enzymes. If plant extract is fermented, it activates a lot of enzymes and creates biochemical actions together with many ingredients in the plant, which leads to the creation of new physiological functions and new transformation of nutrients that can easily be digested or absorbed into the body.

Recommendable for

  1. Those concerned about the imbalance of nutrients
  2. Those with lower digestive ability
  3. Those who always feel tired
  4. Those with low energy
  5. Those concerned about dry, rough skin
  6. Those with heavy stomach feeling
  7. Those with broken biorhythm
  8. Those who feel not comfortable with bowel movement