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Power Clinic Healing Program Special Set

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[Beautee Collagen Co., Ltd.]

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Healing Skin Care Program
Power Clinic Healing Program Special Set

Healing skincare specialist program effect

Deep peeling care(pores, cleaning & exfoliating & peeling)
Makes the environment of a new cell generation by removing aging dead skin cells and wastes.

Enhances the elasticity of a powerful moisturizing film!
100% Linseed oil of vegetable omega-3, 6, 9 helps to make the skin soft and enhance elasticity by intensive moisturizing.

Skin trouble care
Phytocide ingredient helps from skim trouble care to skin immunity.

Moist and shiny skin
Pure omega-3, 6, 9 100% of Linseed helps to make shiny and tight skin as celebrity by improving the skin barrier of tried skin.

Healing skin care program set, product composition and price

Coco cleansing water(100ml)
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate(moisturizing cleansing ingredient) made of coconut ingredient provides smooth, simple and erfect cleansing without irritation. COco cleansing water developed the idea from pure as water, clean as water and moist as water helps to remove residue and dust of makeup quickly and easily.
Phytoncide soft peeling Essence(200ml)
Protein enzyme ingredient doesn't make irritation to sensitive and weak skin, cellulose ingredient removes old keratin and sebum effectively.
Exfoliation by aloe extract and collagen at the same time, the effect is doubled when used the soft peeling essence which gives collagen nourishing supply, moisturizing and skin soothing effect together with Phytoncide scrub.

100% natural fermentation Phytoncide Scrub(15g)
A new concept filling product that makes the skin light and refreshing by removing wastes in the pore as well as aging dead skin and improves as smooth, radiant and healthy skin by creating the environment to regenerate new cells.

Omega 3.6.9 100% of linceed oil(15ml)
[25ml x 2ea(for massage), 25ml(for blending)]
Special oil concentrated with lots of essential nutrients as it is by extracting from linceed oil with fermented process such as vegetable omega -3.6.9. dietary fiber, lignan, tocopherol(vitamin E), folic acid, and minerals etc. As Omega-3 fatty acid, omega-6 fatty acid, omega-9 fatty acid and saturated fatty acid, alpha-linoleic acid which is essential fatty acid constitutes 55% of flaxseed oil and provides the skin smooth and radiant by containing vegetable estrogen, lignan, essential vitamin and mineral.

The Order of use

Step1 Coco Cleansing Water
Removes remaining fine dusts or makeup residues on the skin thoroughly.
Wipe along the skin texture by damping on a cotton pad enough.
Removes make up perfectly using as eye & lip remover
After massing omega 369 linceed oil and use while wiping gently.
[Effect] deep cleaning, makeup cleansing

Step2 Phytoncide Soft Peeling Essence + Phytoncide Scrub

Put 3 spoons in the bowl with a built-in Phytoncide scrub.
Mix the scrub gently hy pumping the Phytoncide soft peeling Essence about 10 times.
After applying evenly over the skin and massage. Eliminate aging dead skin meticulously in the T-zone area.
The resides generated while massage it will drop naturally. Control once aging with toner or care tonic.
[Effect] remove the residue, hydration, soothing

Step3 Collagen veragel massage
2 spoons with face massage
Beragel makes massage for 3 to 5 minutes.
[Effect] remove the residue, hydration, soothing

Step4 Omega 369 Linseed oil
Drop 3-4 drops of Omega 369 Linseed oil on the face with spoid and massage.
As a process to improve the skin barrier function and phospholipid, it doesn't need excessive massage, massage gently.
Wipe gently again with a hot and wet compress.
Apply 1 to 2 drops of the built in brand Omega 369(white lid) and mix with cream and BB cream(good to use for professional care or home care)
[Effect] Skin barrier improvements, Phospholipid, elasticity