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Cell Pure 2500 Collagen Mist

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[Beautee Collagen Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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Skin lifting miracle of the moisture barrier formed by sticky collagen
Immediate and deep penetrating moisture after sprayed
Face mask within 3 seconds! Easy to use mask pack!

Cell Pure 2500 Collagen Mist
"Immediate skin tightening when sprayed!"

Skin lifting with super-high pressure treated fish collagen
Skin tighting and lifting effect by the combination between collagen's fine particles with low molecular weight(below 1,000)
Jelly-type fine mist spray
When a soft, coherent and resilient jelly shaped mist is sprayed, it is broken down into smaller, fine mist particles to reach the skin and create a moisture barrier.
Antioxidant effect by oxygen bubbles from jelly
Oxygen bubbles from the jelly mist reach the skin and prevent oxidization to keep skin soft, smooth and supple
Prevents cracked skin, calms and softens skin
MSM(Methyl-Sulfonyl-Methane) sulfur
Prevents aging, regenerates skin cells and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities

Cell Pure 2500 Collagen Mist

  • 25mg of hydrolyzed collagen under super-high pressure (molecular weight below 1,000 -high skin permeation)
  • A soft, coherent and resilient jelly formula maintains a moisture barrier on the skin. (It forms a moisture barrier when sprayed to skin.)


Excellent skin lifting effect of collagen
Containing 50mg of fish collagen treated under super-high pressure(its molecular weight below 1,000), it immediately forms a barrier on the skin after sprayed and tightens your pores and enhances skin's elasticity.

Combination of oxygen and collagen in the jelly mist
When sprayed, both oxyggen bubbles and fine particle collagen in the jelly mist are applied to the skin and immediately form a protective moisture barrier, hydrate the skin and prevent moisture evaporation.

Effects of glowing and long-lasting makeup
It costs your skin and makes it look soft, supple and lustrous. When sprayed over your makeup, it forms a barrier and makes it last longer.

Express your skin with fragrant mist
Refreshing and fragrant particles of the mist stay on your skin to leave it feeling refreshed.

Importance of skin moisturizing!!
Supply your dry, rough skin with moisture at any time, in any place, in a quick way!

  • A dry environment using heater or air conditioner can cause dry skin.
  • Dry skin delays the production of NMF(natural moisturizing factors) in the skin and also causes dehydrated skin.
  • Easy-to-carry mist spray prevents rough, dry skin, moisture shortage and aging skin.

How to Use

After face wash
Apply to skin as a toner or when your skin feels dry.

Before or after makeup
Carry and apply to skin from time to time or whenever necessary

Spray over your face 2-3 times from the distance of 20-30cm

Use in the following cases!

  • Before or after face wash
  • When your skin feels dry
  • After makeup or for fixing makeup
  • When you get while out off of the skin
  • Dry indoor air with heater or air conditioner