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Amino Collagen

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[Beautee Collagen Co., Ltd.]

  • South Korea South Korea
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72% Collagen. making the skin healthy and supple

*Makes the skin healthy and supple 72% collagen contents

* Good for the bones with calcium contents/ keeps joionts healthy and prevents arthritis

* Improves metabolism with 10 different essential amino acids

* If taken with orange or grape juice, vitamin C improves collagen absorption

* If taken with BC Fiver-S, it keeps your body healthy and in good shape

* Anti-aging effect at every corner of the body by supplying collagen to the areas that need

* Makes the skin elastic and supple if you take collagen and receive a collagen massage togethre

*If amino collagen is taken with a healthy diet, it prevents the loss of muscle and helps you keep a balanced body shape


Enjoy Amino Collagen, more delicious and tasty

Enjoy Amino Collagen, more delicious and tasty
Vitamin C is essential for the creation of collagen. It is a good idea to take it together with fruit juice such as orange or grape juice
In yogurt with fruit jam
Enjoy Amino Collagen with sweet yogurt! Good for your health! It would be great for breakfast as well
In milk and citron tea
Take Amino Collagen over a soothing drink such as milk or citron tea. It will taste even better.
No cream in coffee
Instead of cream, add Amino Collagen to your coffee.
It makes your iced coffee taste even better.

Sings of collagen shortage

  1. The skin is dry, rough and flaky
  2. Dark circles under the eyes
  3. Wrinkles around the eyes and mouth
  4. Cakey makeup
  5. Coarse layer on the face
  6. The skin is dry and rough
  7. Dry and rough hair
  8. Loss of hair

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Collagen in our body is necessary nutritional ingredients. "Inner Beauty"

'Amino Collagen' is made of collagen which makes up one third of all protein in our body. Containing hyaluronic acid, milk calcium and glucosamine, it keep the skin healthy and supple.


  • Cell adhesive : Functioned as a cell adhesion protein
  • Component of the human body and organs : 70% of all protein in the skin/50% of cartilage
  • Promotion of cellular functions
  • Promotion of cell proliferation
  • Improvement of immune functions
  • Stops bleeding